Dear partners,

As you all know clicksafaris was established with a view to creating awareness of our tourism products as a whole including all the stakeholders in this industry. The journey all way through has not been easy but we have managed to overcome all the possible hurdles that we have encountered and now our strategies seem to be earning a recognition. First of all, we would like to celebrate our recent ranking by google which has awarded us a rank 4. That means our visibility in the worldwide web has been stable, and that our SEO strategies are working well on overall, that also means you are getting a lot of visibility through our quality traffic which has been increasing ever since. You must have realised that we have implemented a social forum within which we have a small social network that is aimed at enabling you to interact with the world. We would like to urge you to make use of these tools. These two tools are interconnected with the best social networks like twitter and facebook among others in the tourism industry. This means if you post anything within the forum and the social network, clicksafaris automatically posts same to the social networks where millions are readily waiting to read your news.

How best can I use the clicksocial?  First of all you need to register with clicksafaris. registering as you know us still free of charge. After you register you are ready to create a profile where you will explain what you do and who you are in the industry. Make your profile visible to the public, in the configuration options, then you are ready to post and share your comments. Within the social network, you can post your special offers say for example for Easter, Summer and so on.

What else have we done from clicksafaris to increase your exposure? Our strategic positioning has been designed to suite all the markets and we have made sure that even the emerging markets have not been left out. Following this line of action we have noted that we are receiving a lot of traffic not only from the traditional markets like the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, but also now on board are Russia, China, most countries from South America, Poland, Scandinavia as a whole and even India and Korea. This in simple terms means you are getting traffic from all these regions and hence your product is now visible in practically all corners of the world. Should you have any news that you want to send out to the travel community, tour operators, companies and any possible clients out there, just let us know, we have an huge database that we want you to make use of, that is one of the issues that will actually bring our efforts to the next level. We thus would like to call upon all our partners to send us periodic news, which can include your favourite safari products and we shall send the information to our database.

Thank you again and welcome once more to the world of clicksafaris.

The managment