For ages Kenya has been in the forefront as one of the best destinations in the world. An original and very unique blend of possibilities that Kenya offers for its international tourists, has since long ago earned her a strong recognition regarding the country as a world-class destination for safari lovers.

The search for a perfect destination, that can offer everything to reach all the market niches has been all along the reason Kenya has been exploring in new products. We already know that there is no other country in the world that can offer a better scenario for tourists when it comes to safaris. Kenya has some of the best national parks and reserves world over, 59 in total, moreover we boast to be home to some of the best tropical beaches along a 300 miles coastal line and just some few minutes away from the national parks. This is a natural coincidence that makes it possible for beach holiday lovers to sample some of our national parks in the region. We also boast to have a huge national park just some few minutes away from the capital city, the Nairobi National Park. The Masai Mara national park which is home to one of the modern world wonders (the annual migration) is just but one of the best examples of excellence in conservation and the zeal to share such a rare natural spectacle with the whole world. And most of all we are home to 42 cultures, most of them remaining unchanged by the modern lifestyles roaring the urban cities.

Golfing in Kenya has been a culture since time in memorial but known to very few though recently, Kenya has been considered an emerging Golf destination. This consideration has seen an enormous change as more and more international golfers have made their way into the Kenyan Golf Courses. Kenya has a total number of 39 Golf Courses. 12 of these courses host annual international tournaments. The weather patterns in Kenya make it one of the few destinations in the world where playing the game is possible during the whole year. An array of choices awaits golfers as the golf courses a spread throughout the whole country. You can choose between golf courses close to the beach and those close to the mountains. Most Golf Courses are situated at least 1500 metres above the sea level, in fact it is said that this height gives your swing an additional effect making your ball cover a distance equivalent to an extra 10%.

Most of the Golf Courses will allow for our visitors to enjoy our flora and fauna since the strategic designing has be carried out making sure that these elements are within reach as you play the game. This has made it possible as mentioned before for our Golf lovers to indulge in various activities such as safaris or even take some days to relax in our hotels and resorts along the coast as they enjoy our world-class tropical beaches. The excellence of our service culture combined with a readily established hospitality industry and the facilities around the country is a perfect concoction for those searching for diversity during a holiday. In fact we should not forget that recently Kenya won an award as the best undiscovered Golf destination.

The most luxurious Golf Club in Kenya (The Mount Kenya Safari Club) within the Mount Kenya area is perhaps the only Golf Club in the world in the equator and where it is possible to practice the game in the two hemispheres. The Tee is situated in the northern hemisphere and the 18th hole is in the southern hemisphere. Not far away from here is the Aberdare’s Country Club, a location that would inspire many golfers naturally because of the spectacular vegetation and landscapes not forgetting the fresh air. Within the Rift Valley the possibility of combining Golf and Safaris will ensure our visitors enjoy the best golf in the Great Rift Valley Golf Club while combining it with a visit to the Lake Naivasha where it will be possible to see various wild animals.

Nairobi perhaps has the biggest share of Golf Clubs with at least 7 golf courses each with 18 holes and all these within an area of about 32 kilometres. Some of these Golf Clubs include the prestigious Royal Nairobi Golf Club founded in the year 1960, Windsor Golf and country Club, Karen Golf and Country Club, Muthaiga Golf Club which is actually the scenario for the traditional Open Kenya and part of the European PGA circuit. It is important to note that equally quality Golf Clubs are awaiting you throughout the country and all of them meet the international standards.

A comprehensive list of our Golf Clubs

  • Aberdares Country Club
  • Eldoret Club
  • Gilgil Golf Club
  • Kakamega Golf Club
  • Karen Country Club
  • Kericho Club
  • Kiambu Club
  • Kisii Sports Club
  • Kitale Club
  • Leisure Lodge
  • Limuru Country Club
  • Machakos Golf Club
  • Magadi Club
  • Makuyu Club
  • Malindi Golf Club
  • Mombasa Golf Club
  • Mt. Kenya Safari Club
  • Mumias Club
  • Muthaiga Golf Club
  • Naivasha Golf Club

  • Nakuru Golf Club
  • Nandi Bears Golf Club
  • Nanyuki Sports Club
  • Ndumberi Golf Club
  • Njoro Golf Club
  • Nyahururu Golf Club
  • Nyali Golf and Country Club
  • Nyanza Club
  • Nyeri Club
  • Kenya Railway Golf Club
  • Great Rift Valley Golf club
  • Royal Nairobi Golf Club
  • Ruiru Club
  • Sigona Golf Club
  • Thika Sports Club
  • Vet Lab Sports Club
  •  Windsor Country and Golf Club
  •  The Golf Park
  • Armed Forces Golf Club