Kenya is a very secure country to visit due to the joint efforts of stakeholders in the tourism sector and the government in guaranteeing security to all visitors. To maximise security in Kenya, the ministry of tourism has prioritised this issue, while safeguarding other aspects that support the smooth running of tourism across the whole country.

Consequently, a Safety & Communication Centre was established, under the Kenyan Tourism Federation to operate around the clock among other initiatives. This centre is a brain child of a joint project between the major players of the industry, tour operators’ associations, hotels, catering companies, KAHC, travel agencies, Airlines, and the Mombasa tourism association.

The Safety & Communication Centre (SCC) employs and trains competent staffers. Information regarding security in general, road conditions, important travelling advice, diseases and any other information that could be of great importance to any of our visitors is supplied by the SCC.

There is a special help line that operates 24 hrs at the disposal of tourists. Most tour operators are connected to this help line via radio, and thus they can reach the centre while on safari in various national parks and reserves.

For more information

please contact the centre (see detail below):
The Executive Officer, Kenya Tourism Federation, Safety & Communication Centre, Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters, Langata Road, P.O.Box 15013 00509 Langata, NAIROBI. KENYA. Tel: +254 2 505614 / +254 2 604730 Fax:+254 2 604730 Mobile:+254 733 617499 / +254 72 745645 Tourist Helpline:+254 2 604767