There are a lot of options for eating out in Kenya. Our diverse cultures enrich the nation with a wide range of delicacies. Tourists are guaranteed to savour in the splendour of some of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Kenya’s rich soils ensure a rich supply of vegetables throughout the year, while the coastal area is famous for its production of tropical fruits and sea food. The coastal region, mainly inhabited by the Swahili, is best known for its unique culinary art which is influenced by both African and Arab staples which will mesmerise every visitor.

Do not forget to indulge in `Nyama Choma’, a famous terminology for roast meat, which is very popular in the interior of the country. Visit the Carnivore for its unique grills, the only place in the world where you can taste various game meats in the same plate. Kenya’s main staple food is `Ugali’, which is made from maize meal and can be served along with any kind of cooked vegetable, stew, fish or meat. The abundance of vegetables makes vegetarians feel at home. Also, most Kenyan dishes are served with vegetables.

The existence of a huge community of Indians has helped in establishing quite a number of vegetarian restaurants across the country, and particularly in the larger cities. The warm climate is an added value to the lodges and camps all over the country, as meals can be served outdoors, enabling visitors to enjoy their meals while taking in the fabulous scenery at camp sites, lodges and hotels. A breath-taking breakfast in the African bush, after a balloon safari, is a very good example of the culinary experiences possible.

Settle back at a lodge or hotel and enjoy a beverage as you watch the sun set in the undulating horizon. Restaurants in Nairobi offer a wide range of cuisines, varying from the traditional to the international food-types like Indian, Korean, French, Chinese, Ethiopia, Spanish, Italian and fast food restaurants. While in Mombasa, do not forget to taste `Pilau and Biriani’ which is a spicy rice dish, in addition to pastries such as mandazis, samosas or even kebabs.

El país goza de un clima bastante cálido por regla general, por lo que se puede comer en el exterior, en la mayorí­a de los campamentos, lodges y restaurantes, algo que le permite disfrutar de los manjares mientras contempla el paisaje del país, una maravilla. Puede empezar el dí­a desayunando en la selva después de una visita tempranera a algún parque, y terminar el dí­a con una copa y algo para picar en alguna terraza, mientras disfruta de una espectacular puesta del sol.

Existe una gran variedad de restaurantes en Nairobi que nos presentan una oferta muy variada de las mejores cocinas del mundo. Puede disfrutar de una barbacoa coreana hasta de la más exquisita nouvelle cousine francesa, etíope, cocina rápida, especialidades tandoori etc. Pruebe el Pilau (una especie de paella Keniata), el Maanzdazi, Kaimatis, Sambusa, etc. Y por supuesto la fruta tiene un sabor inigualable.