The most representative parks in Kenya

Just by mentioning the name ‘Kenya’, it is sufficient for anyone to relate to millions of images related to animals roaming free in her parks like the Masai Mara. Thousands of zebras herd in the plains, you might also imagine little elephant cuddled by her mother, crocodiles anxiously waiting for their prey in the famous Mara River during the annual migration and much more.

The parks cover an extension of approximately 44.395 Km² a figure that represents about 7.6% of the whole country. You will be able to find about 80 different animal species, ranging from the big five to the antelopes and the tiny dik dik.

There are also about 1500 bird species that make this country a haven for bird lovers.

The most important Parks

Amboseli:  This is a protected area in the southern part of the country and at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro (5896 metres above the sea level). This region is popularly known for its enormous herds of elephants that can be easily spotted as they feed along the plains.

Masai Mara national reserve:  This is undoubtedly the most famous reserve in the whole world due to various factors. It is where the unique annual animal migration between Mara and Serengeti takes place and this phenomenon has qualified it to one of the modern world wonders.

Samburu and Shaba Reserves: In a strategic location in the north of the central region and Nairobi, within the Samburu area, our visitors will discover not only the park but also the colourful Samburu tribe.

Lake Nakuru National Park:  In just two hours from Nairobi, the Nakuru National park is home to millions of flamingos covering the lake with a pink mantle and has been rated another world wonder.

Hells Gate national Park: This is one of the few parks in Kenya where the visitor can indulge in a walking tour without the company of a guide.

Mount Kenya National Park: Mt. Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya, boasting its 5199 metres above the sea level. This mountain is famous for its unique contrast between the warm savannah and the freezing peaks of Mt. Kenya.

Aberdares National Park: With its declaration as a National park in 1950, Aberdares National park is one of the oldest park in the country. This is where Queen Elizabeth was declared queen of England in 1950, while on her safari holidays at the Tree Tops Lodge.

The Tsavo National Park: This is undoubtedly the biggest park in the country and is divided into two, Tsavo East and Tsavo West. The biggest elephant herd in the country has been spotted here. Other animals include giraffes, buffaloes, lions, ostrich, zebras, gazelles and more.

Tsavo East: It is mainly covered by bush, and visiting this area will bring memories of the forgotten Africa. Tsavo West is located in huge extension of dry lands, and its vegetation is mainly bushes and grasslands.

Tsavo West: This Park offers a great diversity of habitats though its major attraction is the Mzima springs. This is the main source of water to the park. It is said that the source of the springs lies in Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Mombasa: The Kenyan coast is beyond no doubt a great attraction to any visitor. Many usually combine the photographic safari with some few days at the coastal region. Its magnificent beaches crowned by an important cultural diversity known to few, would fascinate any visitor on holiday. It is a must to anyone who engages in a safari holiday.

Marine parks and reserves:  Kenya has seven marine parks and reserves being a pioneer in the African continent in the protection of the aquatic ecosystems. Take a trip into the sea and engage in a deep sea diving to enjoy the fruits under the world of the Indian Ocean.

Gedi Ruins: This is one of the greatest attractions of the coastal area. It is home to the biggest ruins of what was a magnificent Arab-Swahili ancient town. Some of the ruins that have been discovered here include a huge mosque, a palace, various houses and deep water wells.