What to see in Kenya

Masai Mara

One of the modern wonders of the world, this is perhaps the most famous national park in Africa given its uniqueness. It has an extension of about 200 Square miles and a perfect place to discover the gems within. A visit to the Mara River is a must. Mara and Serengeti share the same ecosystem and is located towards the north giving a unique opportunity where you can see all the animals and experience the annual migration just a stone throw away from the natural spectacle.

Nakuru National Park

You might have seen its images in various documentaries. This is home to thousands of flamencos. They are always on big numbers and this is what gives the lake a characteristic pink colour as they feed. Other animals to be spotted here include baboons, hyrax, hippopotamus, lions, rhinos, impalas and the Rothschild giraffe. You are almost assured of witnessing thousands of flamencos flying at the same time. This park is also known to have been the first Rhino sanctuary.


One of the most beautiful towns in the Kenyan coast. Lamu has some of the best white sandy beaches that will easily attract any beach lover; it is history and very different from what you can see all around the country. It is also a world heritage site and taking a walk through her streets, markets and among her people will reveal something that you do not simply experience every day. The only way to access the island from the mainland is through a ship or dhows, by the way do not forget to have a very close look at the small boats and dhows, all are hand made in the Island.

Gedi Ruins

The ruins are located towards the north of Mombasa specifically in the Arabuko Sokoke forest. Gedi ruins will unveil a home to thousands of butterflies, birds, monkeys and baboons which are not the exclusive attraction here. In the forest you will be able to discover the most unique ruins, the Gedi Ruins.

Parque National de Amboseli

If you have read through the most important national parks in Kenya, you might have noticed that it is in this park where you will have a unique chance to see the biggest herds of elephants. You will have a chance to see other animals and also the Kilimanjaro, prepare your cameras to take some of the best pictures during your safari.

These are just a few of the attractions you will witness while on a safari in kenya.

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